Feng Yu is a portrait photographer based in Beijing / Berlin.





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From Her. Stories

Experiencing the progression through one’s own lifecycle, having to cope with challenging changes at different steps has become more frequent, more radical and greater in consequence. And nowadays for many these personal, biographical challenges have been multiplied or amplified through the dramatic increase in speed that cultural, political and economic change has seen in recent years. This of course is a phenomenon that can be witnessed all over the world, but China seems to go through one of the most dramatic versions of it.

Looking at Chinese women between the ages of 30 and 40, Feng Yu presents a glimpse into the lives, thoughts and emotions of some of her own generation: Family, Money, Age, health, fertility, Ego, Beauty, Violence, Success, Competition, Intimacy, Consumption and more.

Abstaining from delivering any kind of analysis, interpretation or judgment, Feng Yu provides the audience with access to the worlds and minds of the portrayed, enabling the viewers to build their own understanding, draw their own conclusions, discover food for own thought.


This series was created over more than two years, through a combination of in-depth interviews and concurrent portrait sessions. Each encounter produced an abundance of material, of which the essence is presented in the form of these exhibits, aided by QR-code access to the longer interviews online.